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Restrictive Covenants

In certain job roles, an employer might want to restrict employees from certain activities for a period of time after the employee has left the organisation.  This is achieved through adding a restrictive covenant to the contract of employment, and a restrictive covenant must be reasonable, in its content, duration and the geographical area that it …
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The importance of impartial grievance proceedings

When faced with a potential constructive dismissal claim, the question of whether employers should admit fault and apologise to an employee in an attempt to put things right and avoid the employee’s resignation, should be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Case-law does not necessarily provide definitive guidance on such situations, however it …
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When staff go AWOL

It is inevitable that once in a while, an employee will either push the boundaries of the Company’s good nature or have a genuine emergency and will be unable to follow the Company’s absence procedures.  What do you do as an employer, when a worker is AWOL (absent without leave)? Firstly, it is important not to …
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What is the real reason for dismissal?

Implied in every contract of employment is a term that requires both employers and employees to avoid behaving in such a way as to destroy the relationship of trust and confidence that should exist between them.  The alleged breach of this implied term is often used by employees to support a claim for unfair constructive …
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